Altar Of Perversion ‎– From Dead Temples (Towards The Ast'ral Path) LP

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AJNA Offensive and EAL give an unworthy Black Metal congregation another chance to better themselves with this faithful reissue of the first Altar of Perversion record from 2001. Festering razor sharp funeral moon guitar attack with hateful groaning menaced vocals, all stacked in a flawlessly composed series of acts. AOP masterfully navigates the tightrope walk of juggling mismatched melodic speeds and dissonance without being showy, or using it to the detriment of the larger vision. We struggle to think of anyone else who succeeds to this degree in this regard. As with the original pressing, the album is presented stretched across an LP & 7". Easily among the greatest Italian Black Metal albums of all time, and a personal favorite for years now behind our tall gates.