The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini - By Reggie Oliver

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"and originality of setting, strength of characterisation, stylistic elegance and narrative power are qualities for which Reggie Oliver has become well-known in his five volumes of ‘strange stories’. All are present in this ground-breaking debut volume, first published in 2003. It was a nominee for best collection of 2003 in the International Horror Guild Awards.

A doomed relationship in a seaside town that persists after death. . . . A convent in which there is always the unacknowledged presence of an extra nun. . . . A balding actor who acquires a mysterious wig after his rival goes missing. . . . A brilliant inventor who becomes trapped inside his own sinister computer game. . . . A sixteenth-century cardinal who is tormented by dreams of the sect he has persecuted."

-Publishers Description
Tartarus Press, 2012