The White Hands - By Mark Samuels

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Paperback edition.

"...  a treasure and a genuine contribution to the real history of weird fiction..." - Thomas Ligotti

”This is the first collection of strange stories by contemporary writer Mark Samuels. The themes that thread through these nine accomplished stories are drawn from the great tradition of the twentieth-century weird tale, and they are suffused with a distinctly cosmopolitan, European feel. Mark Samuels writes about the fundamental fears of modern life, especially the effects of isolation and the dislocation that city dwellers can experience in their inhospitable, man-made environment. 

H.P. Lovecraft wrote about entities beyond human comprehension that might be summoned from beyond the stars, but did he ever consider that they would feel quite at home in the sodium glare of some run-down inner-city? When one of Samuel’s characters stands alone looking up at the vast, illimitable darkness of space, the reader is forced to wonder if there is much difference between the hopeless emptiness of eternity and the bleak interstices between the concrete and steel of their daily life?

The White Hands was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards  in the best Collection category. The title story of The White Hands was also on their shortlist for the best Short Story category.

 Born in 1967 in London, where he has lived ever since, Mark Samuels’ first story was published in 1988. His writings have appeared sporadically since then in a variety of small press magazines. He is currently working on a weird novel set in London.”

-Publishers Description
Tartarus Press, 2012